New! - Game Cleaner v3.0.20 (14/01/2023)

Most important features:

  • Remove unnecessary files and freeup diskspace.

  • Cleanup Steam, EPIC Games, Ubisoft Connect, and more...

  • Can remove log files generated by individual games.

  • Can remove used redistributable packages.

  • Manage screenshots you made with Steam.

  • Option to review the found data before deleting them.

  • Option to scan for empty folders.

  • Checks for new update automatically.

Designed to clean up gaming platforms and freeup diskspace.

Game Cleaner is basically created around a search script. It can clean up Steam, EPIC, GOG Galaxy 2.0, Ubisoft Connect and Origin. Not every game but many games can create files in the form of logs. Especially 'Early Access' games can create more unnecessary files. If you have a lot of games on your system, files can build up. It's now also possible to clean up your screenshots collection in the build-in viewer.

Startup check.

When Game Cleaner starts, you can choose whether you want to close certain game platforms. This is to prevent possible damage to a current session. This window only comes up when needed. It is not recommended to use Game Cleaner if a game platform is still running and active you can lose session data that is still active in the background.

Find correct file locations.

At first Game Cleaner tries to detect them automatically on all available drives, it looks for certain folders to assume the root-folder is correct. In Game Cleaner's settings-tab you can set the correct work location yourself. If you don't have a particular game platform on your system then leave it as it will be ignored. Game Cleaner saves its settings when you close it, but you still can save it manually. You can also add extra game locations if you have games on a different drive installed.

Manage your screenshots.

If you took screenshots while playing with Steam, it can now be viewed and deleted inside Game Cleaner. To remove them, you must first select them. This will be automatically updated the next time Steam starts. It also removes the corresponding thumbnails. When you click on one particular screenshot a bigger window will open to show the enlarged image.

Check the found data.

When finished, you can check all the found data yourself before deleting them. If you want to keep certain files or folders, you can remove them from the list with the Del-key or 'Remove selected' button. It is also possible to open a particular file and check the content for relevance. Also, you can open the particular location where the files are located.

Delete the files, folders and screenshots.

When you are done, Checking the files, folders and screenshots, You can click on the Delete button and all files still present in the list will be deleted. Afterwards, you will see how much of the data has actually been deleted. Cache data that still appears to be needed by a platform is downloaded again after starting a game platform.

System requirements:

  • A gaming platform like Steam, EPIC games, Ubisoft connect, Origin or GOG games.

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10 or 11 (32 or 64-bits version).

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

  • Internet connection to perform updates.

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